Vernon, Dai & Faucett Ross: Early Vernon
1962 Magic Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 72 pages
Early VernonI
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Early Vernon
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): The famous Vernon brought up to date in this publication of the original twenty dollar Mss., plus ten new Vernon Variations. Studded with nostalgic photos of the great man's life, illustrated by himself, edited by Faucet W. Ross.


1 Introduction: the whole story of the preparation and sale, to selected persons, of this first Vernon material, then the entire Mss. itself, and then the new material.
20 Five Card Mental Force
21 Vernon Miracle Card Location
22 Club Version 23 Super Count Down: card location
24 Super Card Prediction
26 Poker Demonstration
28 Automatic Second Deal
29 Slow Motion Card Vanish
32 Vernon Card Puzzle
35 The Vernon Four Aces
37 Card Divination
42 Follow the Leader
43 Further Data on the Foregoing Trick 45 Another You Do As I Do
47 Novel Card Transportation
48 Perfect Coin Vanish
49 Short Change With Long Green: bill short change routine
54 Five Card Mental Selection
55 Another Smear: Cards
55 New Super Countdown: cards
56 Puzzling Demonstration: card transpo
57 Edgewise: card
58 Improved Card Puzzle
60 New Divination: card
63 A Peek: card
64 Vernon Poker Routine Revised