Vernon, Dai: 10 Card Problems
©1932, Dai Vernon & Faucett Ross
Softcover, stapled manuscript
10 Card
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$25 Dollar
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Comments: This was a copy of Dai Vernon's "Twenty Dollar Manuscript", which was titled "10 Card Problems" and sold in 1932 for $20 per copy. An unauthorized version was reprinted in the 1940's as "The Famous $25 Dee-Vee Manuscript". This material was also later published with some additional effects as "Early Works" by Magic, Inc. (see an excellent article at$20_Manuscript)
From the foreword: "You are now in possession of a collection of card problems which should prove a real joy and revelation to you. You are reminded that these have hitherto been the exclusive property of an internationally known card expert and have stood the "acid test" of performance under every conceivable condition. A little application and study will produce highly satisfying results. Remember one thing, any card problem loses its value when it becomes generally known. Therefore, you are urged to keep the information disclosed herein for your own exclusive use. By so doing you are in position to acquire an enviable reputation as a finished card expert."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Vernon Five Card Mental Force
2 The Vernon Miracle Card Location
3 The Vernon Super Count Down
4 The Vernon Super Card Prediction
5 Vernon Poker Demonstration
6 The Vernon Automatic Second Deal
7 The Vernon Slow Motion Card Vanish
8 The Vernon Card Puzzle
9 The Vernon Four Ace Routine
10 The Vernon Divination