Tyler, Diamond Jim: Pockets Full of Miracles
©2000, Diamond Jim Tyler
Hardcover, 8.5x11", 176 pages
Pockets Full of Miracles
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Comments (Magicref): "Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician". I don't have this book, but have heard good things about it. A couple of the routines and ordering information are available at Diamond Jim's Website at: http://www.diamond-jim.com. This contents listing has been modified with permission from the listing at Jim's website. Photo Illustrated.

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Dedication
2 Table of Contents
3 Introduction
4 Foreword by Jon Racherbaumer
5 A Night in the Life of Diamond Jim

6 The Gunslinger: A signed and selected card is shot by an imaginary gun knocking it over and penetrating the heart of the card.
7 New Age Spellbound: A glass stone magically changes color time and again.
8 One-Armed Aces: The magician cuts the pack with one hand each time revealing an Ace.
9 The Hitchhiker: A great gag with a borrowed bill.
10 Baseball Diamond: The magician reveals a selected baseball card with the production of an autographed baseball from thin air.
11 FBI Trick: A comical Thumbcuff escape routine.
12 Cat and Mouse: A selected card is found with the aid of a mousetrap.
13 Finger Ring and String: A borrowed ring is made to vanish and reappear again repeatedly.
14 Soaring Straw: A drinking straw is made to come alive in the magician's hands.
15 Comedy Shuffling Routine: The audience is given an amusing overview into the art of shuffling cards.
16 Invisible Thumbscrews: The magician hypnotically causes the spectator's two outstretched index fingers to come together.
17 Paperweight: The magician divines the amount of cards cut by a spectator time and again.
18 Fire Ball: A large piece of paper is torn and restored in a blaze of fire.
19 Mathemagic: Cards magically multiply in the spectator's hands.
20 Animated Cardbox: A cardbox comes to life and magically entertains the audience.
21 Three Burnt Matches: A great bar gag using only three burnt matches.
22 Burning Impression: The image of a selected card magically appears burnt into a business card.
23 Trapdoor Coins: Three half-dollars are made to penetrate a tabletop before the audience's eyes.
24 Diamond Back: The magician reveals a thought of word in such a scary way that it sends shivers down the spines of the audience.
25 Reel Fun: How to make a motorized reel for fun and other various magic effects.
26 Frog Hair: A card magically flips over with the use of a frog hair.
27 Sacring of Wicca: A selected Tarot card is bizarrely revealed when ashes rubbed upon the magician's arm reveal the card's identity.
28 The Smoking Spoon: A smoking spoon is made to bend before the eyes of a bewildered audience.
29 Diamond's Dazzler: A sleight that makes a card jump face-up from the center of the deck.
30 Nimble Corks: A dexterity test using two corks.
31 Wise Guys Can't Count: A mind game used to prove that wise guys can't count.
32 Whatever It Takes: The magician foresees a thought-of number, letter and card.
33 Pieces of Eight: Coins are made to penetrate, vanish, reappear, fly and much much more.
34 The Birthday Bill: The magician waves a hole-puncher over a folded and borrowed bill causing holes to appear and magically spell out the message "Happy B-day".

35 Glossary
36 Special Thanks
37 About the Author