Turcotte, Dan: Comedy Ring on String Routine
©2004 Dan Turcotte, YouDoMagic.com
Downloadable e-book, PDF format; also comes with 3 Quicktime videos of live performance $10
Turcotte Ring & String

Comments: Color photographs (video grabs) throughout the PDF. This is a well done package for under $10. 


2 Introduction and Requirements: the type of finger ring used
2 Table of Contents
3 Routine Outline and Cheat Sheet
4 The Routine: detailed
5 The Routine Performance: Moves 1, 2, and 3
7 Move 1: close up detail
8 Move 2: close up detail
9 Move 3: close up detail
10 Approach Principles
10 The Secrets to Controlling Your Crowd
10 Optional Wind Down, Goodbye Ending, and Routine Transition
11 Credits