Turcotte, Dan: The "In Your Hands" Cups and Balls Monty Routine
For Trade Shows, Birthday Parties or Close-Up Walk Around Events
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Downloadable e-book, PDF format; also comes with 2 Quicktime videos of live performance $10
Turcotte Cups and Balls

Comments: Color photographs (video grabs) throughout the PDF. This is a well done package for under $10. The routine is not designed to be set in stone, but to provide you the general approach so you can develop your own personalized method. Two Quicktime videos of Dan performing the effect are provided; one in a restaurant setting and the other in the street. Although this states "In the Hands", a table is still required, as are locations for the final loads. The "In the Hands" sequence is a good contribution to cups & balls moves. Recommended.


2 Introduction
3 Table of Contents
4 Requirements and Pocket Set-Up: recommends copper or stainless steel cups for the noise! Has five final loads
5 The Routine Audience Preparation: Introducing the props and the cup-through-cup briefly explained
6 The Routine Spectator's Choice: using the table
7 Straight 3 Cup Table Monty
8 The "In Your Hands" Cups and Balls Monty Moves
9 The Convincing Circular Toss and Load Number One: spinning the cups
10 Load Number Two
11 Load Number Three
12 The Vanish and Loads Four and Five
13 Building a Crowd
13 The Loaded-Empty Cup Monty Moves
13 The Two Cup Monty Invisible Switch
14 Credits