Tucker, Stephen: Card Bored?
©1992 1st Edition Stephen Tucker
Paper, 30 pages
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Card Bored?

Comments: Within you will encounter thirteen of Stephen's very best card routines, three magic-square effects (with a difference) and one purely numeric item that is a step sideways from the original inspiration. That 'step sideways' is really the key here! Stephen has tried to look at things from a slightly different direction. One not normally explored. Sometimes with very interesting results!


3 Introduction
5 Out Of This Dimension
6 The Square Comes Full Circle
10 Doubly Impossible
12 Back In Time
14 The Almost Magic Square
15 Two Steps Beyond
16 Sweet Sixteen
17 The Final Frontier
18 My Dear Holmes
20 Combined Harvester
21 Spectator's Aces Change Places
23 The Revealer
24 Revelations: Two
25 Blind Man's Bluff
27 Polluted Waters
28 Symbiosis
30 An Open Prediction