Trost, Nick: Subtle Card Magic Part Two
©1976 Nick Trost, Trik-Kard Specialties
Softcover, Comb-bound, 36 pages
Subtle Card
              Magic Part Two
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3 Chapter One: Assemblies
3 Matched Picture Cards
4 The Gathering of the Court Cards
5 Three Jacks - Three Aces

7 Chapter Two: Revealments
7 What's In a Name?
8 Time Will Tell
9 Judah's "Coincidental Position"
10 An Out for the Vernon Force
10 Dice and Card Revelation
12 Automatic Lie Speller

13 Chapter Three: Predictions
13 Predicting One of Six Cards
14 Coincidence of Two Numbers and a Prediction
15 Prediction and Location of Four Matching Cards
16 A Prediction and a Date - Updated
17 The Ultra Date Trick

18 Chapter Four: Divinations
18 Divining the Total of Three Bottom Cards
19 Weighing the Cards
19 Kings and Queens Royale
20 Weighing the Colors

22 Chapter Five: Fake Cards
22 Card Elimination
24 U-Find-It
24 Ace, Deuce or Trey

27 Chapter Six: Packet Tricks
27 Russian Roulette
28 No-Sleight Wild Card
29 Expanding Cards
30 The Hotel Mystery
31 ESP Sixth-thot
33 Compute-a-thot
34 Kings and Blanks
35 Predicting the Total