Trost, Nick: Gambling Tricks With Dice
©1975 Nick Trost, Published by Trik-Kard Specialties
Paper, stapled, 30 pages
Gambling Tricks
              With Dice
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Comments:  This Is Part Of A Four-Part Series On Gambling Tricks. Contains: Dice control shots, tops and bottoms, two superb" craps" demonstrations, beat the dealer, Trost's Poker Dice, and Judah's Loaded Dice Demonstration. The other books in the series are Gambling Tricks With Cards Parts One and Two, and Expert Gambling Tricks.

Contents: (updated Jan 2016 with descriptions)

1 Introduction (Nick Trost)

3 Dice Control
3 The Pad Roll: control while rolling on a padded surface
5 The Slide Shot: simple control intended for hard surface

7 Sucker Bets with Dice: bets that favor the tosser
7 One Roll Bets
8 Two Roll Bets
8 Three Roll Bets
8 Four Roll Bet
9 Before Seven Bets
9 Three Dice Proposition
10 Five Dice Bets
10 The Last Word

11 Dice Games and Swindles
11 Chick-A-Luck: bird-cage game
12 Beat the Dealer: hi-dice game
13 Under and Over Seven: simple, easy and deceptive
14 The Thirty-One Game (Stuart Judah): played with a single die

17 Crooked Dice and Devices
17 A "Craps" Demonstration: tops and bottoms dice
18 Odd or Even: another use for these dice
19 Expert "Craps" Demonstration: using a set of 3 mis-spotted dice
20 Horse Race Dice: performer usually wins a horse race with special dice
22 Judah's Loaded Dice Demonstration: using loaded one, two, and six dice
23 Nick Trost's Special Poker Dice: poker game with special dice
26 Expert Dice Control: magician matches spectator's dice in a sure shot dice box
27 Dice Control Deluxe: using an Eli box
28 The Chinese Dice Box: allows for control of dice
29 Magnetic Dice Shaker or Spin Shaker: described
30 The Slick Cup: special dice cup that won't roll the dice