Trost, Nick: Gambling Tricks With Cards Part One
©1975 Nick Trost, Published by Trik-Kard Specialties
Paper, 27 pages
Gambling Tricks With Cards Part One
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Comments: This is part of a four-part series on gambling tricks. Part one is on marked cards, bottom dealing, and stacking demonstrations, blackjack and poker, plus Stewart Judah's Cutting To Four Aces & Five-Deal Poker Trick. The other books in the series are Gambling Tricks With Cards Part Two, Gambling Tricks with Dice, and Expert Gambling Tricks.


3 Methods of the Card Sharp
3 False Deal Deluxe
4 Reading the Backs Routine
5 Casing the Deck
5 The Gambler and His Partner
7 Gambler Vs. Magician
8 Cutting to the Four Aces

14 Poker and BlackJack Deals
14 The Stacking Demonstration
15 The Bottom Deal Demonstration
16 Ten-Card Poker Routine
17 Eighteen Card Poker
20 Judah's Five Deal Poker Trick
21 High-Card Poker
23 The Blackjack Demonstration
24 Trost's Blackjack-Poker Routine