Trost, Nick: Cardman's Secrets
1971 Micky Hades Enterprises, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 25 pages
Cardman's Secrets
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Comments:  Easy to Perform-Hard to Detect, World's Best Card Miracles. All the effects are performed with ORDINARY cards, one trick per page.

Contents: (descriptions from book table of contents)

1 Magnetic Reds & Blacks: A perfect Out of This World follow-up
2 Eliminating Card Trick: Canadian Card Miracle
3 Mephisto Card Clock: A devilish deceiver
4 Instant Name Speller: Any Name, Any Card
5 Great Poker Demonstration: You always win
6 You Do As Do: Matching a Spectators thoughts
7 Mystic Pulse Trick: Reading a persons pulse
8 Royal Marriages (Vernon): Kings & Queens mate
9 Master Mental Miracle: Read four person's minds
10 Amazing Three Card Prediction: A real eye-popper
11 Poker Players Picnic: Spectator cuts to four Aces
12 Satan Reverse Card Trick: A double surprise
13 Spectator's Card Trick: Featured by Bert Allerton
14 Royal Flush Poker Deal: Grant's Deal Yourself a Top Notch Hand
15 Piano Trick: Five finger exercises with cards
16 The Princess Card Trick: Associated with Annemann
17 Super-Sensitive Finger Tips: A Bob Hummer variation
18 Improved Jack-Jack-Jack: Looks like real skill
19 Spellbound: Spell to a person's card
20 Your Number's Up: Card is found at any number
21 This is Your Card: A quick and nifty novelty
22 Deucy Deucy: Used by Scarne, locates four deuces by chance
23 Four of a Kind (Art Lyle): Four cards alike turn up
24 Photographic Memory: Memorizing a deck in two seconds
25 Out of This World (Paul Curry): separating reds from blacks