The Art and Science of Mentalism Cold Reading
©2003, Inc., IL
e-Book, 54 pages
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5 Foreword

7 Chapter One: An Introduction To Cold Reading
7 What Is Cold Reading?
7 Why It Works
8 Positive Vs. Negative Readings
8 Common Subject Concerns
9 Putting Problems in Context
9 The Ethics of Cold Reading
10 Ethical Guidelines
10 Exposing the Frauds
10 "Genuine" Readers
10 The Mentalist Trap
11 Cold Reading Aids
11 Prestige and Faith
11 Other Important Qualities
12 Getting Started

13 Chapter Two: The Mind Of The Subject
13 Personality Types
14 An Interesting Deviation
15 Myers-Briggs Four Basic Personality Types
16 Application to Cold Reading
18 Sample Stock Warm Reading
19 How Male Personality Traits Affect Their Vocational Choices
21 Life Stages or Crisis Points
23 Summary

25 Chapter Three: Current Trends
25 Socio-Economic Data
26 U.S. Statistics: on areas such as Parenting, education, housing
29 Popular Names

31 Chapter Four: The 30-Second Profile
31 The 30 Second Client Profile
32 Physical Appearance
36 Psychological Disposition

37 Chapter Five: Basic Technique
37 Why People Get Cold Readings
38 Primary Subject Concerns
39 Cold Reading Session Framework: three phases
42 Standard Lead-Ins

43 Chapter Six: Additional Insights
43 Other Insights
43 Sample Introductory Statement to Sitter: covers single male, female, married, seniors, etc.

49 Chapter Seven: Common Questions
49 Commonly Asked Questions: such as Will I win the lottery?

52 Final Thoughts