Trickshop: Swindled! Three Card Monte eBook
©2004 Inc.
35 pages, PDF, printable (instant download)

Comments: Swindled! is an instant download e-book available from It presents the traditional non-gimmicked Three Card Monte effect. While certainly not as thorough as the School for Scoundrels Notes on Three-Card Monte, this booklet provides a good introduction to the Monte effect at a low cost.  The portion on how to present this effect as a magic trick or demonstration is fairly weak, however. Advantages of this version include low cost and many clear color photographs to help make the moves clear.


1 Table of Contents
2 Introduction: brief intro to the game

5 Section I Getting Started
6 Types of Cards to Use: with suggested brands listed and some contact info provided
8 Preparing the Cards: how to make the crimp, and a tip on the bent corner

11 Section II Basic Handling
12 Definitions: the Under-Throw and the Over-Throw
13 The Pick Up Move
14 Practicing the Under Throw
15 Practicing the Over Throw

17 Section III The Deal
18 Introduction
19 The First Sequence
21 Mixing the Cards
22 Hiping Left
22 Double Hiping
22 Hiping With Your Left Hand
22 Routining Tips

23 Section IV Finishing Big!
24 Going Horizontal
25 Monte Slide
25 No Throw Monte
26 The Torn Corner
27 The Bent or Crimped Corner

29 Section V Presentation
30 Standard Street Pitch

31 Section VI Utility Moves
32 The Mexican Turnover
33 The Glide
34 Monte Slide