Thompson, J.G.: Sleight Intended
©1973 J.G. Thompson, Pub. Modern Litho, Inc., Nebraska
Paper, saddle-stitched, 68 pages
Sleight Intended
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Comments: "Expressway to Playing Card Expertise". Illustrations by Harry G. Franke.


i Foreword (J.G. Thompson, Jr.)
1 Chapter 1 Shuffles and Cuts
1 Standard Shuffles: overhand, riffle, Hindu
3 Fancy Shuffles: Dr. James W. Elliott shuffle, Eye-level Dovetail Shuffle
4 False Shuffles: two by Erdnase
5 Cuts: Fancy True Cut, One Hand Charlier Pass, Leipzig's Pivot Cut, Lambert's Swivelloo, Ostin's Swivel Up
8 False Cuts: Side Cut, Cross Cut, etc.

11 Chapter 2 Peeks and Keys
11 Bottom Peek
13 Top Peek
13 Some Special Keys
15 Key Insurance
16 Triple Threat Card (J.B. Bobo)

17 Chapter 3 Controls
17 The Double Cut
17 Hindu Shuffle
19 A Natural Jog-Control
19 Glide Control
20 Sarles-Simon-Rutledge Card Control
21 The Master Move
21 A Fancy Control
23 The Pass: Herrmann Pass, Turnover Herrmann Pass
24 The Hocus Pocus Pass
24 The Pocket Pass
24 Gyrations At the Pass
25 Controls for More Than One Card
25 Multiple Card Pass
26 The Lost Card (George McKenney)
26 The Chesbro Flipover

29 Chapter 4 Exchanges
29 Double Lift
29 Controlled Double Lift
32 After the Lift
36 The Glide
37 Slip Change
41 Color Changes

45 Chapter 5 Plus or Minus or More or Less
45 Multiple Switches: Braue's Secret Addition, The Daley Switch
46 The Five Cent Switch (Karl Fulves)
47 The Counts: Biddle, Elmsley, Houghton, Vesser
51 Three As Two: Carmon D'Amico, Bruce Cervon

52 Chapter 6 Forces
52 Classic Force
53 Hofzinser Force
54 Thompson Glide Force
54 Rocking Chair Force (John C. Holt)
55 The Enforcer (Thompson)
57 So Simple Force (L.J. Searles): with J.K. Hartman version
58 Hindu Flip (Searles)
58 Annemann Hindu Shuffle Force

60 Chapter 7 Reverses and Palms
60 Reverses: Dr. Jacob Daley, Clyde Cairy, Milton E. Tropp, Fred Braue
61 Palms: C. Lang Neil, Ned Rutledge, Verne's 4 Way Palm

65 Epilogue: some more sleight references and a list of heroes.