Taylor, Harold: Taylor's Tricks and Topics
©1975 Supreme Magic Co, England
Paper, 20 pages
Taylor's Tricks and Topics
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Comments:  Magic Lecture Notes. Harold Taylor was president of The British Ring for 2 years, and has appeared before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, J. Paul Getty, and on many British and U.S. television specials. He has toured extensively in England, the U.S. and Canada.


1 Spectrum Silks
2 Egg Transpo
3 An Egg in a Knot!
4 Knotted
5 Dancing Egg
6 Bamboo Rod Release
7 Black Magic Mystery
8 Wonder Tray
9 A Novel Number Force
10 Cotton Reel Mystery Plus
11 Chinese Ring and Rope
12 Capped Container
13 Bang, Bang
14 Black-Ball
15 Crazy Balloon-O-Card
16 Swirl-it Ribbons
17 Silk in Glass
18 If it's Lafter You're After (many comedy bits of business)