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Swinford, Paul: Lecture Notes
©1971 Paul Swinford, published by J.W. Busby, CA
Paper, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 12 pages
Lecture Notes
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Comments: Typical lecture notes - sleights are not taught, just the basic routining. Pages are printed on one side only. Diagrams included where necessary.


1 Serpentine Thoughts: using a reel for a self-tying silk knot
1 A Dice Routine: quick note on combing two effects from a Bruce Elliott book and Vernon's Book of Magic
1 A Chop Cup Routine: routine uses an additional non-gimmicked cup
2 Chinatown Finale: finish for the Chinatown Dollar routine using two silks
3 Royal Flush Mini-Stack: Reverse Faro
3 Time On My Hands: prediction effect with specially marked poker chips
4 Poker Chip Chicanery: three more effects with marked poker chips
5 Thoughts on Seven Card Monte: From Dai Vernon's Book of Magic
6 The Automatic Joker: Reversed Joker locates two selections
7 The Color Changing Knife: uses just a standard set of two knives
9 Thoughts On the Elevator: cards
10 The Berland-Gardner-Judah-Swinford-York Vanishing Bill Trick: using gimmicked bills