Sumpter, Gary: Shivers
©2005 (circa) Gary Sumpter
Paper, stapled, 40 pages
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1 Introduction

2 Ideas and Effects:
3 Making Contact: Harnessing the power of touch
4 Susceptible: The spectators eyes are covered with your fingertips. Despite them being able to feel your fingers, they feel touches on the back of their neck and head.
4 Relax: You stroke your shoulder and a spectator feels it
6 Distant Touch: touching a spectator from a distance
7 Focus: Spectator feels something pushing them from behind, despite your hands being in full view

8 Routines:
9 Connected: An 'experiment' in paranormal communication that takes an unplanned turn
10 The Crying Child: A disturbing performance, centered around the spirit of a young girl.

11 Visual Occurrences: ideas
12 Burn On: A dead match lights just by willing it to.
13 Ghost Glass: - A borrowed finger ring is placed inside a small glass as an impromptu spirit bell. At any time the ring is seen to move and shake inside.
14 Unaware; Events occurring that you are not aware of