Sullivan, Patrick B.: Bets You Can't Lose
How to Win Free Drinks...And Still Keep Your Friends
New Enlarged Revised Edition
©1979 The Laughter Company, Price Stern Sloan Inc.
ISBN: 0-8431-0535-6
48 pages, Paper, 5.5x6", stapled
Bets You Can't Lose

Comments: Bottom of cover states, "with magic, puzzles, and tricks you can do with no skill whatsoever." A book of mostly quick bar bets and stunts to stump your victim. While mostly not magic, these are the types of things that can sometimes enhance your act in a restaurant or bar, or help you strike up conversations.


2 Bet One: Getting a dime out from under a Champagne glass
2 Bet Two: Who was the first black man to play in the major leagues?
3 Bet Three: Name six of the seven most populous cities in the world
3 Bet Four: Alex Metz' Alphabet soup puzzle
4 Bet Five: You can move water from a saucer to a glass without picking up the saucer
4 Bet Six: a prediction effect, you determine the number thought of
5 Bet Seven: similar to the above but with two numbers
5 Bet Eight: How many 9's in 1 to 100?
6 Bet Nine: you always win in this match game
7 Bet Ten: Your adversary can't take his shoes and socks off by himself
7 Bet Eleven: a math puzzle
8 Bet Twelve: a word puzzle
8 Bet Thirteen: Name the St. Louis team that Dizzy Dean pitched for
8 Bet Fourteen: a weighing puzzle
9 Bet Fifteen: Drop an egg 6 feet without breaking it
9 Bet Sixteen: You can come closer to attendance count than your opponent
10 Bet Seventeen: Arrange matches to form triangles
10 Bet Eighteen: word puzzle
11 Bet Nineteen: Balance a glass on the edge of a plate
11 Bet Twenty: spelling puzzle
12 Bet Twenty One: penny puzzle
12 Bet Twenty Two: Tinker to Evers to Chance
13 Bet Twenty Three: remove a bill from under an inverted bottle
13 Bet Twenty Four: Who said "Of the people, by the people, for the people"
14 Bet Twenty Five: Three tables are placed on the floor, yet you can take your shoes off and still jump over them
15 Bet Twenty Six: Spelling
15 Bet Twenty Seven: Name Five presidents whose last names begin with H
16 Bet Twenty Eight: how many fours does it take to make 500?
16 Bet Twenty Nine: you can place a 50 cent piece on a dollar suspended between two glasses
17 Bet Thirty: word puzzle
17 Bet Thirty One: arrange 6 swizzle sticks to add up to a hundred and twenty three
17 Bet Thirty Two: Drawing lines through dots
18 Bet Thirty Three: your victim can't raise his leg
19 Bet Thirty Four: set fire to a lump of sugar
19 Bet Thirty Five: another match game
19 Bet Thirty Six: Name 9 of 10 baseball players who hit 50 or more home runs in a season
20 Bet Thirty Seven: pick up three matches with a fourth one
20 Bet Thirty Eight: Name five tallest buildings in the world according to height
21 Bet Thirty Nine: Where have you seen the name Koken before?
22 Bet Forty: You can stay under water for over five minutes
23 Bet Forty One: you can pick out the victim's name out of a hat each time
23 Bet Forty Two: another mathematical prediction
24 Bet Forty Three: 9 square match puzzle
24 Bet Forty Four: a list of 7 sure bets that your victims can't answer
25 Bet Forty Five: the fifty five cent puzzle
25 Bet Forty Six: Four squares into seven with matches
26 Bet Forty Seven: a simple book test with the phone book
27 Bet Forty Eight: pick up two corks with only two fingers
28 Bet Forty Nine: you can take the glass away from holding up a match without the match falling
28 Bet Fifty: Take one from 29 and still have 30 left
29 Bet Fifty One: A bowl is placed over a drink, yet you state you can drink the drink without touching the bowl
29 Bet Fifty Two: Word puzzles
30 Bet Fifty Three: another penny puzzle
30 Bet Fifty Four: I can do 25 push ups with one arm
31 Bet Fifty Five: yet another match puzzle
31 Bet Fifty Six: arrange 10 number to make 100
31 Bet Fifty Seven: victim can't stand without assistance
32 Solutions