Stone, Tom: Prey of the Prestidigitator
©2009 Tom Stone
e-Book, 41 pages
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Prey of the Prestidigitator
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Comments: Offers a variety of effects. Please note that Tom's e-books are only occassionaly available for sale.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Reality Glitch: A card sandwich effect employing an open transfer
2 Monty Walks Again: Boston Box and Ring on String combined.
3 The Collective Blink: Variation of Hamman's The Signed Card (uses one handed bottom deal)
4 Beme’s Corner (Sixten Beme): torn piece changes color and still matches signed selection
5 Freedom Cuts: Finnell’s Free Cut principle
6 The Stealth Reverse: reversing a selected card in the deck
7 The Direct Steal (Max Milton): the side steal
8 Kismet Poker (Jonas Ljung): Five hand poker demonstration
9 Silver & Sorcery: Cylinder and Coins routine
10 Okito Osmosis: An Okito coin box move
11 Time To Dice (Axel Adlercreutz): a dice trick