Stoddard, Edward: The First Book of Magic
©1953, 1977 Franklin Watts, Inc.;
Published by Avon Camelot Printing, 1980
Illustrated by Rod Slater
ISBN: 0-380-49221-0
The First Book of Maagic
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Contents: (most titles are self explanatory)

1 The Real Secrets of Magic
1 The First Secret: It's the person who does the tricks that fools people
1 The Second Secret: You fool their brains
3 Six Rules for Good Magicians

4 Tricks with Handkerchiefs
4 The Knot That Ties Itself
6 The Knot that Melts Away
9 The Vanishing Handkerchief: using a Pull

11 Tricks with String
11 Cutting Through Your Neck
13 Mended String: cut and restored
16 The Ring Through the String: candy/mint ring off string under handkerchief

19 Tricks with Money
19 The Invisible Dime: dime vanishes from your hand
22 Rubbing a Quarter Away: after dropping it on the floor
24 Penny Nickel Dime Quarter: magician knows what coin is hidden under a coffee mug (accomplice)

25 Tricks with Balls
25 The Amazing Cups and Balls: standard no-sleight balls penetrate the cups routine
29 The Ball That Rolls By Itself: on a tablecloth
30 The Wandering Sponge Balls: a beginner's sponge ball routine in the spectator's hands

35 Ticks with Cards
35 The Changing Card: a simple trick using the Double Lift
37 The Telltale Face: magician knows when the spectator is lying
38 Behind Your Back: selection ends up face up in the deck

42 Tricks with Paper
42 The Torn Napkin: torn and restored
45 The Rolling Matchbook: stunt
46 The Three Choices: magician's choice

49 Tricks with Different Things
49 Which Hand?: spectator can't pick the hand with the gum
51 The Jumping Rubber Band: from fingers to fingers
53 The Linking Paper Clips: from folded paper
54 The Magnetized Knife: sticks to the back of the fingers

56 Show Tricks
56 The Magic Clipper: cut and restored newspaper column
59 The Rope Through the Girl
61 Candy From Nowhere: actually from a sheet of newspaper

64 Your Own Show: making a routine from the tricks in this book