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Stiles, Kirk: Thimbles With a Light Touch
©1971 Micky Hades Enterprises, Calgary, Canada
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 33 pages
ISBN 0-919230-13-X
Thimbles With a
              Light Touch
Image from Magicref

Comments: Illustrated by the Author


4 Introduction (Kirk Stiles)
5 ...And Another: thimble placed in pocket and another appears
6 After...And Another: a follow on
7 Juggler's Special: thimble caught over the shoulder
8 Startling Penetration: through hand
10 Pluperfect Penetration: through back of neck
11 Thimbles Through (ahem!) Silk
13 Pop-Clang: a vanish
14 Production of Four - Impromptu
15 Letize Popper: using the pop vanish
16 Thumb Waggle
17 Orbit: thimble to glass
19 Son of Orbit: follow-up
20 Variation: impromptu
21 Double Penetration: with silk
23 Triple Penetration: another one
24 Through a Silk: simple version
25 Bad Aim: thimble throw looks like a miss
26 A Thumb Palming Technique
27 One On Each: uses nesting thimbles and a hollow ball
29 Crystal Ball Thimble: ball becomes a thimble, then the thimble vanishes
31 The Start: an opener
32 Thimble French Drop