Stewart, Jeff: Appearing Soda Can Magic
©1984 Jeff Stewart
31 pages stapled
Appearing Soda Can Magic
(Image shows front and back covers)

Comments: Small but useful book of lots of quick ideas for using the "Appearing Soda Can".


3 Holders: How to hold the can for the appearance
4 Disposable Loops: using tape and newspaper
5 Holder for 6 Cans
6 Can Dropper
7 Self Contained Holder: stays with can
7 Bulldog Clip Holder
8 Productions: simple silk appearance
9 Pop Up Production From Silk, Dove Steal Production
10 To Produce Two Cans
11 Bare Handed Production
13 Produce Several Cans from Spectator's Pocket, Show Both Hands Empty (sleeve), Produce from a Paper Tube
14 Paper Bag Production/Vanish, Produce and hand out several cans
15 Growing Can, Crushed & Restored, Silks to Can, Visible Can through Body
16 Production With Glass, under a Chop Cup
17 Self Contained Productions, easy load into silk
18 Funny gag, bag of chips production
19 Soda Can in Balloon
22 Ideas by David Ginn: Six pack production, split can, production from magazine, instant waiter, can cooler production
24 Idea by George Schindler: Needle through Balloon Production
25 Ideas by Frank Herman: Vanish from under a Handkerchief in Spectator's Hands, Burp challenge, Flash Bill production, Visible Crushed & Restored Can, To have Liquid squirt from can
28 Ideas by Meir Yedid: Can through Table, Transformation, Self Contained Holder, Production with Soda Straw,
31 The Appearing Soda Can: care and use thereof