Steinhauer, Lawrence et al: Damn Good Tricks
©1973 The Magic Dungeon Academy
Written by Lawrence Steinhauer, Bob Wagner, Norman Gilbreath, Marshall Levy, and Howard Adams
Paper, spiral-bound, 50 pages
Damn Good Tricks
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Comments: The first section contains the contents of a lecture given by Lawrence Steinhauer for the Academy of Magical Arts at the Masquer's on 9 Sep 1973.


5 Section I Lawrence Steinhauer
5 Turn On to Recorders
7 The Ultimate Ring Move
9 Three Will Do
13 A Bottle From the Sea
15 Steinhauer's Fantastic
16 On Lapping
18 Poof! You're a Silk
19 Terra Flora

21 Section II Bob Wagner
21 Bot-Fly
23 Bang!
25 The Brahman Rings
31 Ding-A-Ling Rings
33 Silkut
35 The Mystery of the Queen's Diamond

39 Section III Norman Gilbreath
39 The Liko Pang Special
40 If At First
42 Gilbreath on Gilbreath
44 Without Effect

45 Section IV Marshall Levy
45 Rub-A-Daub-Daub

47 Section V Howard Adams
47 Numba Wumba
48 At the Stroke of Twelve
49 Hypnodeck
50 Symbolicloth