Steele, W.F. (Rufus): Paul Rosini Magical Gems, A Memorial
©1950 Deluxe Edition by Edward O. Drane & Co.
Published by W.F. (Rufus) Steele
Edited by Robert Parrish
Hardcover, 68 pages
Paul Rosini's Magical Gems
Image courtesy Librosefe


Contents: Table of Tricks

8 The Life Saver Trick
9 Was It There?
11 Somewhere In the Deck
13 Hold My Wrist (Al Leech)
14 A Card in Flight
16 The Card Under the Hand
16 You Put It In
17 Change In Hand
18 The Fair Count (Joe Berg)
19 Two Decks Red and Blue
21 Impossible
22 Reflection
22 Poker Prediction and a Principle (Ed Marlo)
24 The Card That Wen to Pieces (Bill Simon)
26 Coin and Pencil (Theo Bamberg)
27 Card Through Handkerchief
27 Daub
28 Complete Cover
29 Indicator Card
30 A Comedy Card Trick
31 The Card Through the Case
32 Your Number Your Card
33 Rosini's Favorite Trick
34 Do a Trick
35 The One Armed Magician (Jack Chanin)
38 The Coin Star (Al Leech)
39 Ace Delusion (Paul LePaul)
40 Skidoo
41 A Sure Thing
42 The Best Prediction
43 Prediction Variation (Chic Scheke)
44 The Cigarette Trick
46 Impressive Card
46 The Peek Trick
47 Aceo Changeo
48 A Card Turns Over
49 Follow Your Card
50 Okito Card Control (And a Trick; Theo Bamberg)
51 Kings and Queens
53 Double Reverse
54 Purely Mental
55 While I Turn My Back
56 Easy Enigma (Harry Blackstone)
57 The Ten of Diamonds
58 With a Short Card
59 Aces Running Wild
60 Secret Writing
60 A Guess That is Right
61 Repeating a Good Guess
62 The Homing Aces (Arthur Buckley)
66 Tap