Steele, W.F. (Rufus): The Last Word on Cards
©1952 Golden Jubilee Book
Paper, saddle-stitched, 63 pages
The Last Word on Cards
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6 Affinity (Ed Marlo)
7 The Halo (Eddie Joseph)
8 The Great (Rufus Steele)
9 Hocus Pocus, Miss Jones
10 Hocus Soapus (Al Leech)
10 Time Card (John Snyder)
11 Red and Blue (Improved) (Bob Lotz)
13 A Real Prediction
14 Spell Anything (Bill Simon)
15 Queens
17 Think of Any Card
18 Wild Deuces (Al Leech)
20 Accordion Reverse (Robert Parrish)
21 Surprise Quickie (Don Alan)
22 "U-Find-Our-Cards" (Mike Kanter)
23 Autographic Minds.. (Lu Brent)
24 Not There (Stuart Judah)
26 An Impossible Transposition (Clarke Crandall)
28 The Zodiac Card Miracle (Eddie Fields)
30 Cupid
32 They Tell You Nothing (Rufus Steele)
33 You Tell Them Everything (Rufus Steele)
34 Tell and Spell (Steele-Parrish)
36 The Weigle Version (Oscar Weigle)
37 Double Duty (Oscar Weigle)
38 Back in Place
39 "Dammit" (Audley Walsh)
40 Memorizing the Deck
40 Get Set, Stop! (Al Leech)
41 Which Is Which? (John Platt)
42 Name and Place (Audley Walsh)
43 Right Hand, Left Hand
44 A Prediction Supreme (Lu Brent)
45 A Location Supreme (Mike Kanter)
46 The Magic Card Square (Allerton-Parrish)
47 The Garter Trick
48 Four Four Four (Marty Williams)
48 Number Seven
49 Easy Does It (Al Leech)
50 The Buried Card
51 On the Phone (Schoke-Allerton)
52 Shuffle Location
52 The Slap Trick
53 Moe and Sam
54 The Descending Cards (AI Leech)
55 Simplicity Discovery (Bob Nelson)
56 Call Your Hand (Royal H. Brin, Jr.)
57 Five Card Baffle (Bob Hummer)
58 The Baffle Follow-Up (Rufus Steele)
59 Triple Thought (Jacob Daley)
60 The Do Nothing Miracle
62 A Lecture with a Cold Deck (Rufus Steele)