Steele, W.F. (Rufus): Card Tricks That are Easy to Learn, Easy to Do
©1935, Edited and Published by Ray Gamble and Herb Schuh, Tacoma
Paper, saddle-stitched, 47 pages
Card Tricks That Are Easy to Learn, Easy to Do
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Comments: "The simplicity of a card trick adds much to its mystery!". Also avaialble as an e-Book from

Contents: (descriptions are from the book's original contents page)

1 Riffle Trick
1 Frank Lane's Three Pellet Card Trick
4 Appleton's Fooler
5 Hull's "Joker" Spelling Trick: a wonderful trick
8 Pearce's Triple Card Mystery
9 The Master Card Location
10 The Lady and Man Card Prediction: this is a dandy
10 Simple Addition
11 A Brain Teaser
14 Mephisto's Message
15 Improved Guesser
15 Sequel
16 A Prediction Effect
17 My Personal Stack
18 A Coincidence
19 The Four-Ace Merry Mix Up: Try this at the bridge table some evening
20 The Piano Trick
21 The Joker's Own Deception
22 The Marvelous Prediction
22 Can You Do It?
23 Fortune Telling Trick
24 The Devil's Tickets: a marvelous opening trick
25 Pellet Trick
26 The Joker Trick
26 Card Spelling De Luxe
27 Knock-Out Spelling Trick
28 Sleeve Fooling Trick
29 Kater's Improved Spelling Trick
29 Sympathy Connection
30 Dual Attraction
30 How Many Cards Did I Take?
31 Cecil's Mind Reading
31 Watch Locator
32 "Follow Me" Card Trick
33 The Vernon Five-Card Mental Force
34 Figures Can't Lie
34 Place the Pack in Back of You: Don't overlook this one
35 Son John Story: this is a big laugh producer
37 The Three Heaps
38 Jordan's Spelling Card Mystery
39 Thought Fortold
39 Getting the Spectators Number
40 Jack-Jack-Jack
41 Number Trick
41 Just a Teaser
41 What Card Am I Thinking Of?
42 Letter "P" Trick: This trick is worth the price of the book
43 The Whispering Queen
44 You Can't Miss
44 A Peculiar Turn Around: this is a real fooler
45 Si Stebbins Master System