Steele, W.F. (Rufus): 52 Amazing Card Tricks
©1949 Self published, Chicago
Paper, saddle-stitched, 63 pages
52 Amazing Card Tricks
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Comments: "Professional tricks that anyone can do". Compiled by W.F. (Rufus) Steele, Edited by Robert Parrish, Cover Design by George Pearce.
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6 Psychic Spell (Haskell)
7 "Let's See What You've Done" (Paul Rosini)
8 Mystic Fifteen (Eddie Joseph)
9 Hiding the Principle
9 Double Thought (Edward Mario)
11 Five Nine King (Martin Gardner)
12 A Bridge Trick (Stewart Judah)
13 Under the Table Coincidence (Oscar Weigle)
14 Mental Discernment Improved (Ken Krenzel)
17 The Reluctant Card
18 Betting On a Sure Thing
18 The Ten of Diamonds
19 Trick of the Year
20 Double Deuce (Al Leech)
21 A Set of Surprises (Bill Simon)
23 Rapid Revelation (Carmen Da Mico)
24 Two Souls With But a Single Thought (Al Baker)
25 The Missing Card
26 A Beginner's Miracle (H. Adrian Smith)
27 "I Never Touch the Cards" (Sid Lorraine)
29 The Card in the Pocket (Rufus Steele)
30 Automatic Assembly (Robert Parrish)
32 Birds of a Feather (Henry Christ)
33 Aces from the War (Vic Torsberg)
35 Follow Your Card
36 Tap, Tap (Paul Rosini)
37 Black and Red Prediction (Stewart Judah)
38 Red and Blue
40 Transcendent Trick (Bert Allerton)
41 Chic's Parlay (Charles "Chic" Schoke)
42 The Dixie Double Location (John Scarne)
43 No Prep (Ben Berger)
45 My Number, Your Card
46 Identity
47 The Magic Separation
48 Face-up Prediction
49 The "Chic" Trick Again (Charles "Chic" Schoke)
50 Improvisation (Audley Walsh)
51 Prepared Improvisation (Walsh-Allerton)
52 Calling All Cards (Audley Walsh)
53 Fair Cuts—Double Force
54 A Drunken Deal (John Scarne)
54 The Simple Impossibility
55 The Spectator's Location
56 A Test of Will
58 The Disappearing Card Trick
59 Judgment (Dai Vernon)
61 Try It Yourself
61 Jiffy Speller
62 The Amazement
62 An Alarming Coincidence
63 The Deck of Cards Story (Ed Miller)