Solka, Dr. Hans-Christian: Si Stebbins Pro - Compendium
©2008 by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka &
eBook, Format A4, 37 pages
First English Edition
Editor: Eigenverlag Magdeburg, 2008
Publisher:, 2008
Solka: Si Stebbins Pro-Compendium
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Comments (Dr. Hans-Christian Solka): The Si Stebbins Pro Stack itself is very interesting. Dr. Solka has taken the venerable Si Stebbins Stack and removed a possible weakness, the rigid alternation of suit colours and strict suit rotation. The way he has done it is very ingenious and will fly by everybody - magicians included. The single rule to remember/apply is so simple that anybody can do it effortlessly. The seemingly random sequence of colour/suits is such that the deck can be spread face up without risk of detection from lay people and would confuse magicians familiar with the regular Si Stebbins set-up.
        The Card to Position relationship is explained in a very clear and concise fashion by using simple arithmetic concepts and mnemonics aids.  The fact that it is possible to switch from regular Si Stebbins to Pro Stack is excellent. Most Si Stebbins tricks will work unchanged with this new stack.
        This is an innovative development of the Si Stebbins stack and well worth studying.  The facts that one can go from NDO to Pro Stack fairly efficiently, that the illusion of randomness is excellent and finally that there's a crutch to find out the card-position relationship, are excellent point in its favour. Available from

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

Table 1 - Si Stebbins Pro, Shocked Order, after Cut
Table 2 - Si Stebbins Pro, Shocked Order
1 Preface
2 Si Stebbins System
2.1 - Increment of Card Values
2.2 - Suit Order Chased
2.3 - Suit Order Shocked (recommended)
2.4 - Suit and Card Values
2.5 - Classic Stack
2.6 - Pro Stack (Basics)
3 Configuration of Pro Stack (Bonus)
3.1 - Bank Rule
3.2 - Stack Value and Bank
3.3 - Card Value, Chains and Bank Position
3.4 - Way of Inner Harmony
4 Card-Position Relationship
4.1 - By Calculation
4.2 - By Intuition
5 Position-Card Relationship
6 Pro Stack after Cut (Bonus plus)
6.1 - Card-Position Relationship
6.2 - Position-Card Relationship
7 Fixed Points
8 Si Stebbins Secret
9 Hans False Shuffle
10 Summary