Solari, Bob: G.O.D. ~ Good Outright Deception
©2011-2012 Bob Solari

Image courtesy Bob Solari Magic

Comments: Lecture Notes with included gimmicks

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Bad Credit: credit card is punched with holes and restored
2 M.I.T. Principal: easy to make Gimmick to "read" the spectators mind
3 Clink, Clink: Concept for the Nielson Vanishing Bottle effect
4 Air Tight: Penny melts into a sealed clear plastic bag
5 Peek-A-Boo Deck: Easy to make "tossed out" type deck with all the cards different
6 Inertia Vanish: Coin vanish
7 X-Ceptional: Selection is only card in deck with an X on its back
8 Sponge Bob Flat Pants: sponge ball utility
9 Pocketed: No palm signed card to pocket
10 Bladerunner: knife inserted into deck finds selection
11 Fly By Force: card force suitable for larger groups of spectators
12 Made In China: Thought of card proves to be the only red backed card in the deck, which also has Chinese writing on its back