Solari, Bob: Delusional 2008-2009 Lectures Notes
┬ę2008-2009 Bob Solari, Clifton, NJ
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller OurMagic

Comments: Photo Illustrated, with included gimmicks.


1 Send a Thought: card from pocket matches named card
3 R.I.S.E.: selection rises from the deck
5 PSI-Sulfur: spectator's random number determines how many matches left in a matchbook
7 Change,Change: penny to dime
9 Symbol Psyche: mental effect using different color markers
11 Nailed!: nail bending
13 Repair Bill: knife thru bill
16 X-traordinary: spectator's marked card matches prediction and has different colored back
18 Sharpie® Showdown: magician knows which marker was placed behind his back
19 Booksmart: book test