Solari, Bob: Anomaly Lectures Notes
©2010 Bob Solari
Image courtesy Bob Solari Magic

Comments: lecture notes with included gimmicks


1 Invisible Opener: Invisible deck routine using an ungimmicked borrowed deck
2 South of the Border: freely selected card matches your prediction card
3 Do the Twist: Cut and restored using a Bic® lighter and a trash bag twist tie
4 Mind Whisper: A spectator read the mind of another spectator and calls out the name of the thought of card
5 Solari's Bluff Force: card force
6 Phantom Silk Vanish: silk vanish using T.T.
7 Jack-robatic: card sandwich effect
8 Solari's Silver Delivery System: coin delivery utility
9 Marker Marksman: selection caught under the marker pen clip
10 NJ Experiment: teleportation of a selected card from one deck to another
11 Bookmark Miracle: Bonus effect. Selected card found in paperback book