Snyder, Lee: Just Like Magic!
©1986 Magic Inc.
Paper, comb-bound, 52 pages
Just Like Magic!
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc): "87 Tricks, routines, ideas, developments and bits that will help you get the most out of the magic you now own. Lee Snyder is a "thinking magician" and you can easily apply the magical thoughts he has come up with. Large size pages, many illustrations by the author."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

 1 Lee-gerdemain by Lee Snyder
 2 Lee-gerdemain
 3 Portable Hole Made Portable
 4 The Disappearing Cane
 5 Business Card Business
 6 A Rainbow Fantasy
 7 Training Your Balloon Dog
 8 The Memory Stick
 9 Yogurt of the Yogi
10 The Weaving of the Rings
11 Balancing the Budget
12 Star Trick
13 Instant Rabbit
14 Pest Control
15 Magic Greeting Card
16 Balloon Transplant
17 Balloon Bazooka
18 Cold Cuts
19 Handcuffs
20 Tatooed
21 Simple Manipulative Routine
22 Vicki's Trick
23 Cereal Sorcery
24 The Lead Balloon
25 Cross of Copper
26 Penetrating Balloons
27 Devaluation
28 Almost Magic
29 Incredible Solid Key Ring
30 Siesta
31 Useful Lines
32 The Portable Hole
33 Odd Bits
34 Close Up Pad Idea
35 If You're Tired of Making Money
36 About Packet Tricks
37 50 Ways to Use Money Makers
38 Pop Flourish
39 A Politic Prediction