Smith, Roger: Innovative Magic No. 3
©1977 Roger Smith
Paper, stapled, 24 pages
Innovative Magic No. 3
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Comments: (from the cover): New Premises, Novel Handlings. 9 Effects: coins, cards, peanuts, nuts & bolts. 12 Complete routines. Over 50 photographs. 1 Bonus Page.


i Foreword (Wilbur Kattner)
22 All Together (Wilbur Kattner)
27 Day Dream (Roger Smith)
28 Escalator #1 (Roger Smith)
29 Escalator #2 (Keith Best)
30 Infi-Twise (Roger Smith)
32 Tarsat (Roger Smith)
33 Son of Tarsat (Roger Smith)
34 Collected (Wilbur Kattner, Roger Smith)
35 Revolvo Aces (Roger Smith, Steve Saunders)
36 Sherlock Coin (Keith Best)
38 Scatter Coin (Van McGee, Jim Cozzens, Roger Smith, Wilbur Kattner, Gerald Edmondson)
B4 Scatter Coin Bonus (Roger Smith)