Smith, Roger: Innovative Magic No. 2
©1976 Roger Smith
Paper, stapled, 23 pages
Innovative Magic No. 2
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Comments: (from the cover) New Premises, Novel Handlings. Ten Effects: coins, cards, rings, handkerchief. Twelve complete routines. 56 photographs. One bonus page.


i Foreword (John Braun)
11 The Under Cover Coins (Roger Smith, Jim Cozzens)
13 The Spectator Cuts the Four Aces #10,001 (Danny Korem)
15 My Ladies Ring (John Cornelius)
15 Nor Eyes t See With - Revisited (John Cornelius)
16 No Sleight Card Location (John Cornelius)
17 Maxi-Twist #1 (Kattner, McGee, Edmunson)
17 Maxi-Twise #2 (Roger Smith)
19 The Magnificent Monte Marvel (Ron Hicks, Flash Gheen, Roger Smith)
21 The Invisible Visible (Roger Smith)
21 The Card that Went in the Deck on Top (Roger Smith)
21 The Smith No-Skill Spectator Helps Faro Shuffle (Roger Smith)
B3 Simple Maxi-Twist (Keith Best, Roger Smith)