Smith, Roger (Editor): Innovative Magic No. 1
©1976 Roger Smith
Paper, stapled, 12 pages
Innovative Magic No. 1
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Comments (from the cover): New Premises, Novel Handlings. Eight Effects: Balls, Cards, Coins, Okito Box. Eleven Complete Routines. 103 Photographs, four drawings. Two Bonuses: The Wand, Staging Intimate Magic


i Foreward
1 The Dream I (Jim Cozzens)
1 The Dream II (Roger Smith)
2 The Dream III (Keith Best)
2 The Dream IV (Roger Smith)
3 The Elevator Stops at Every Floor (Wilbur Kattner)
3 Turning...Turning Over (Roger Smith)
4 Two in the Hand is Worth Three on the Table (Jim Cozzens)
5 SRJ Pennyrama (Steve Saunders, Roger Smith, Jim Cozzens)
7 Slow Motion Oil and Water by the Great Wong (via Roger Crabtree)
8 Traveling Joker (J.B. Bobo)
9 The Spell of a Good Magician (Roger Smith, Steve Saunders, Ron Hicks)
B1 Wanderful, Wanderful (Father Bandy)
B2 Staging Intimate Magic (Father Bandy)