Smith, Lee: Walkabout Magic Lecture Notes
©2009 Lee Smith
PDF, 27 pages
Available from Lee's Walk About Magic
Walkabout Magic Lecture Notes

Comments: Real-world tricks suitable for a variety of skill levels.

Contents: (comments from the web site)

1 The Trick With No Name: An indifferent card magically jumps from the spectator's hand and is replaced with their chosen card.
2 The Twirl Revelation: An indifferent card changes into the spectator's chosen card right before their eyes, as visual as it gets.
3 Two Card Transposition: Two cards are lost in the deck then found and then they swap places
4 Switch Trick: A stunning trick that uses on of the best glimpses of a card you will ever see; you will use this.
5 Crazy Cuffs: A classic of magic explained and a borrowed ring jumps onto the band for a kicker ending.
6 Key To Amazement: A self-working miracle where a thought of card is found under seemingly impossible conditions.
7 Trans-box-ition: An awesome routine in which a card jumps under the card box not once but twice and even escapes a spectator's hand.
8 Just Think: You predict a card that the spectator merely thinks of and repeat the feat for an amazing kicker ending.
9 Business Lunch: My preferred handling for the Out to Lunch principle leaving the spectator with the best memento they could have - your business card!
10 Coming Together: Paul Green's wonderful effect where two signatures end up on the same card. If you like Anniversary Waltz you will love this.
11 Bold Business: An amazing feat of mind power, leave the spectator thinking you really can read minds. A miracle using nothing more than a marker pen and some business cards.