Smith, H. Adrian: Superb Tricks
©1953 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co. Colon, Michigan
Paper, stapled, 47 pages
Superb Tricks
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Comments: With intro by Percy Abbott.


7 Introduction
9 Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick
11 New Card to the Pocket
12 A Modern Card Miracle
14 A Different Conclusion
15 Sympathetic Aces
19 Matching the Aces
26 A Sucker Mental Effect
29 A New Click Pass
31 The Coins Up the Sleeve
33 Passing Four Coins to a Glass
35 A Further Variation of the Passing of the Four Coins
37 An Effective Handkerchief Stretch
38 Untying a Knot While a Spectator Holds the Ends
41 The Magic Square
43 The Percival Shoe Lace Trick
46 Improvising an Easel