Smith, Chuck: Why Not? (lecture notes)
1995 Chuck Smith
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 23 pages
Why Not?
Image courtesy Denis Behr

Comments: Illustrations by Mike Smith.


1 Ring Ceremony: Ungaffed Ellis Ring routine: ring appears on spectator's thumb
3 Cap And Pence: clean handling of the Cap and Pence
5 Coin Toss: control heads or tails on a coin toss
6 Switch-a-roo Monte: quick Monte routine with a color change kicker
8 Cardrise: ungaffed card rise
9 On A Tear: various torn and restored piece of paper routines
14 New Wil-O-Th-Wisp: magical appearance of coin and pen
16 Sleeving techniques..: excerpts
18 Finale Cards To Pocket: Cards up the Sleeve/to the pocket with a spectator assisting
23 Chip Change: method of changing one hole card for another