Simon, Bill: Sleightly Sensational
1954 Louis Tannen
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 39 pages
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Sleightly Sensational
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Comments: Illustrated by Ed Mishell, edited by Bruce Elliott


5 Table Of Contents
6 Foreword
6 Introduction: Dai Vernon
7 In General

9 Card Effects
9 The Mathemagician: two spectators seemingly randomly deal to 4 Aces
9 Eye Doubt It: Two Queens face to face change to deuces, and back again
11 The Flash Change: four cards change to four Aces
14 The Cards and Dice
14 - The Transposition: card values follow the pips on the dice over them
16 - The Big Change: another version
18 The Turnabout: mixed up cards right themselves
19 The Impulsive Ladies: Three Queens transpose with Aces
21 The Four Packet Shuffle: face up cards shuffled into face down deck right themselves
24 Two Up: impromptu card prediction
26 The Vital Prediction: prediction where the predicted card is shown at the beginning
30 The London Illusion: spectator and magician select matching cards

33 Miscellaneous Effects
33 Sponge Surprise: two ball version with multi-ball climax
35 The Ring On Wand: through a handkerchief
37 The Coin Transposition And Climax: copper silver transposition in a handkerchief, uses two half dollars and one English Penny