Simon, Bill: Controlled Miracles
©1949 Magic, Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 37 Pages

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Comments ( The magic in Controlled Miracles is a composite of both skill and subtlety. Subtlety has been invaded to the maximum; skill has been kept at its minimum point. The majority of the effects are with cards. At the back of the ebook you will find a few tricks with coins and cigarettes. Edited by Bruce Elliott and illustrated by Frank Garcia.
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4 Contents
5 Foreword
7 A Matter Of Miracles
8 Cut Control
9 The Chinese Cut
10 Simpl—speller
11 Simon False Table Cut
13 The Stab Force
14 Miller’s Card Change
17 The Card In The Hat
19 Dual Discovery
20 The Grippo Grab
21 Card—cigarette Wrinkle
22 The Scarne Puzzle
23 Elliott’s Card Change
24 Smoke Screen
27 The Starting Four Coins
29 Rising Coin And Climax
32 Ten Fingers & A Silk
36 About The Author