Simmons, Ken: Riffling The Pasteboards Again!
©1987 First Printing, Ken Simmons, CO
Paper, Comb bound, 74 pages
Riffling the Pasteboards Again!
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i Preface

1 Part I Effects
1 Hands Off, Vanish: Two Handlings
4 Simply Cutting to the Aces
5 Another Cutting to the Aces
7 P.O.D. Handling
11 Vision Test (David Walker)
14 Sleightly Diced (Ed Andrus)
18 Slow-Motion Oil and Water (David Neighbors)
21 The Denver Opener (David Neighbors)
24 MacHenry Sleeper Aces (David Neighbors)

30 Part II Simmons Notebook
30 Notes on Marlo's Unit Up-Jog Addition
32 Notes on Marlo's Card Substitution
33 Notes on Marlo's Card Transfer

38 Part III More Back Room Finesse
38 Additions to a Change: Including Marlo's Miracle Card Change, First Method
43 Audacious Transposition
43 On a More Subtle Note
44 Related Bold Card Control
45 Pragmatic Control
48 Reverse Variant
50 Future Center Steal: Two Handlings
52 Another Curve
53 Deal and Take
54 The Pick-Up Force

56 Part IV Bonus Section Banded Effects
56 A-Band-Ment I
59 A-Band-Ment II
61 A-Band-Ment III: Two Methods
64 A Banded Vanish: Two Methods
68 Banded Card on Ceiling
69 A Case of A-Band-Ment (James Patton): Two Methods
74 Additonal Notes and Ideas for the Banded Effects