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Shute, Merlyn T: Out of Your Pocket
1982 Morrissey Magic, Ltd, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 49 pages
              of Your Pocket
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Comments: Illustrations by Sid Lorraine. A manual on Restaurant Magic. From Morrissey Magic: "The text is divided into three sections-the first is on general guidelines for dealing with the employer and the audience. The second deals with the elements of an act and finally a discussion on equipment and paraphernalia." The Chop Cup routine is NOT included in Shute's How-To on the Chop Cup book.


i Forword (Merlyn T. Shute)
1 Getting Started: tips on starting in restaurant magic
4 No! Mr. Manager: dealing with management
6 Getting On: dealing with customers
9 Close-Up: advice on presentaton
11 What A Name: choosing your persona
14 How About Cards?: thoughts on presenting effective card tricks
15 - Packet Tricks: discussion of Wild Card, and the Glide, and some tips
17 Quick and Easy Pocket Chop: short and commercial.
24 The Paddle: the "move" and a Traffic Light routine
28 Sing For Your Supper: a discussion of magic with finger rings
31 The Party: ideas for larger groups, torn & restored newspaper
33 Just a String: Sid Lorraine's cut and restored string
39 Pockets and Servantes: ideas
42 Boxes, Tubes and Cases: for carrying your performance pad and equipment
46 Costumes: what to wear
48 Wands: uses for