Shiels, Tony 'Doc': Something Strange
©1970 (circa) Tony Shiels, The Supreme Magic Co., Devon, England
Paper, 20 pages
Something Strange
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Comments:  Bizarre Magic. A worthy sequel to his brilliant 13! Book.


1 Chapter 1 Strange…
2 Postcard from Pigwiggin: Pigwiggin is never wrong when it comes to predicting the future…and he proves it!
2 Nightmares!!: A recurring horrific dream is the theme for this effect
3 Lijah Milkie’s Nose: A lichen clad lump of granite with strange properties

4 Chapter 2 Stranger…
5 Red Devil: Lucifer Juice produces an image on a card, which then fades...
6 Pickled “Thing”: A way out conversation piece of the most compelling “presence” imaginable.
7 The Hornbook by Roy Former: A child’s primer used in England in Elizabethan times forms an unusual prop
8 The Ghost Who Walks by Karl Fulves: The medieval legend of summoning the devil assumes new meaning when you apparently do just that!

9 Chapter 3 Strangest…
10 Beastie: A penny whistle conjures up the “Gashly Wyrm” – a spectral serpent
11 Ectoplasm: A strange luminous substance emanates from the performer
12 Screaming Skull: An unearthly shriek and then, from the darkness a horrible apparition appears!

13 Chapter 4 Presenting The Preternatural: Strange are the effects brought about by means of a special kind of presentation, involving Patter, Dressing and Atmosphere.