Sherman, Phil: Take a Tip From Me...
Don't Leave Home Without It
©1992 Phil Sherman, Magic World
Paper, stapled, 34 pages
Take a Tip From Me
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5 Introduction
6 Wrong Size, Wrong Color
7 Basic Silk Production
8 Basic Silk Vanish
9 Footwork
10 The Storage Drop
11 Misdirection
13 Reappearance
14 Review
15 Make a Living
16 Getting to Know You (Silk From Business Card)
17 Dollar Bill Vanish (Bartender's Friend)
18 Salt Vanish/Reappearance
20 Words of Caution
21 Silk/Money from Anywhere
22 Review
23 Clowning Around
23 Tip On a Gloved Hand
25 Hospital Rounds
26 Animal Balloon Production
29 From 'No Room At the Inn' to 'Drinks on the House'
31 An International Language
33 A Bonus Offer for the Persevering