Sherman, Roger: Tricky Stuff
©1982 Jerry Mentzer
Paper, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 51 pages
Tricky Stuff
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Comments: Cover and Illustrations by Sonny Narvaez


1 Introduction

3 Tricks
5 Last Instant Departure: signed card vanishes from two Jokers and is found in deck
6 Card Flight: selection vanishes and is found in card case
7 Simple Speller: card trick with kicker ending
8 C/S Business: copper/silver routine with coins and a business card
9 Let's Twist Again!: Jokers to Aces
9 Private Eye: Joker finds selection, cleverly gimmicked card
12 Thought Cards: two blank cards turn into duplicates of selections
12 Luncheon Special: a sandwich card effect (gaffed cards)
15 Little Big Penny: penny penetrates hand and grows large
16 Paradise Regained: selection in one deck found missing in second
17 Going Up!: packet ambitious card
18 Xerox Cards: Xerox cards take on image of selections
19 Half and Half: half dollar transposes to other hand
19 The Famous Two Coin Trick: copper and silver coins vanish
20 The Oracle Deck: Magician and Spectator selections match in value and color
22 If You Believe in Peanut Butter: coin penetrates peanut butter lid and then grows
24 Through the Table...Again!: four bottle caps penetrate table one at a time
25 The Card Trick with Good Taste: torn and restored card in a bag of M&Ms
26 Transpo II: A signed card changes places twice with a Joker
27 Some Effects With the Pad Spread: Pad Spread described
27 Incredible Edible I: card sandwich using the Pad Spread
28 Incredible Edible II: another
29 Open Travellers: four Aces travel invisibly from hand to table (assumes some card move knowledge)

31 Friends
33 The Phantom of the Sandwich Illusion (John Bannon): another card sandwich effect
36 Easy Rider (Horace Bennett): Three half dollars vanish from hand one at a time and join English Penny in Okito box (uses a C/S coin)
40 Snappy Business (Tom Carter): Deck is riffled, and selection has message appearing on it and a different colored back
41 Izod The Educated Alligator (Al Cohen): toy alligator finds selection
42 Copper or Silver? (Woody Landers): copper and silver coins change places (expanded shell and cut down English Penny)
43 Change for a Quarter (Sonny Narvaez): quarter changes to two dimes and a nickel (no gimmicks)

45 Routines From the Bar
47 Bar Magic: intro
47 Three Card Monte: sort of a variation of Color Monte, no gimmicks (assumes some knowledge of card sleights)
49 The Eyes Have It!: magician finds selections with special glasses
50 Introducing...McDonald's Aces: a new intro for this classic effect