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Sewell, Len J.: Magi Magic
©1940 Magic Wand Pub. Co., Middlesex, U.K.
©1947 Goodliffe Publication, England
Paper, saddle-stitched, 5.5x9", 32 pages
Magi Magic
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Magi Magic
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Contents: Comments: Illustrated by Dennis (Goodliffe edition). Note the 1947 edition has the same contents listing but in a different order.

3 Introduction
5 Cube of Confucius
10 The Accommodating Box
12 Silk Culture
15 Patriotic Thimbles
18 Twentieth Century Thimbles
19 Chinese Rolling Pin
23 Television
26 The Spooky Frame
29 Migratory Coins
30 Tricolour Cubes