Severn, Bill: Magic Across the Table
©1972 David McKay Company, Inc., NY
Hardbound, 5.2x8.25", 112 pages
Magic Across The Table
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Comments: From the cover: "A New Collection of entertaining and unusual tricks with simple props". Illustrations by Katherine Wood.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 With Pad And Pencil:
2 Locked Out
3 Sure Winner
4 Map-A-Magic
5 Tracer
6 With Bottle Caps:
7 Pop Goes The Bottle
8 No Deposit-No Return
9 Chooser's Choice
10 Travelers In Space
11 With Chewing Gum:
12 If I Had A Saw
13 Gumgo
14 Which Chew For You?
15 Through And Through
16 With Things You Wear And Carry:
17 Money Back Guarantee
18 Musical Comb
19 The Button Stitchuation
20 Inches Away
21 Ringing The Keys
22 With Things From Around The House:
23 Nailed
24 Absolutely Free
25 Rub-A-Cut
26 The Magic Bookmark
27 Thoughts In Liquid Color
28 With Things From The Kitchen:
29 The Pretzel Bender
30 Daylight Robbery
31 Tea Tease
32 Three Times Spaghetti