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Sellers, Tom: Magic Hits
©1937 Tom Sellers, George Johnson, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x7", 20 pages
Magic Hits
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty

Comments: Illustrated


3 An Opening Effect
3 Predetermined Thought
4 A Different Die-Box
5 Organ Pipe Flower Growth
5 Stretching a Rope
6 Stretching a Rope (Second Method)
9 Ring and Loop
9 Die and Rope
11 Unique Cut Rope
11 Practical Living and Dead Test
12 Thimble Through Hat
13 Simple Cigarette Catching
15 Ropes and Ring
15 Duplex Fish-Bowl Production
16 A Sum Prediction
17 A Production Box Idea
18 A Broken Match
18 The T.S. Production Box
19 Glass Penetration
20 A Magazine Test