Segal, Syd and Wagner, JC: Full Metal Jacket
©2005 dbSquared Productions
Illustrated by RFA Productions
Pages: 35, high quality
Full Metal Jacket
Image from L&L Publishing

Comments (Alex Rossi):


2 A Logical Lesson: A supped up version of Larry Jennings “A Logical Conclusion”
5 Very Fair Triumph: A unique version of Triumph, doesn’t use Zarrow/Shank shuffle, very fair
7 Final Closer: The “re-worked, revamped” handling of his “Super Closer” from “Commercial Magic”
14 T(w)oo Wild Jokers: Three jokers are introduced, card is selected, and one by one the three jokers turn into the mates of the selection
18 Even More Four on the Floor: Card is selected, then 4 random cards are taken out of the deck. They are all shown to the spectator, then the magi drops them face-down on the floor. The spectator is instructed to place their foot on any on they like, they do, the rest of the cards are picked up and the one under their foot is the selected card!
22 Thank You Le Paul: Four aces are lost in the deck, then four random cards are taken and one by one they turn into the four aces, the last one changes in the spectator’s hands.
26 Packet Lie Detector #2: Card is selected and lost. Then the magi takes a packet of cards from the deck and performs a lie detector test with them on the spectator asking him questions about his card. After the test the selection is determined but not found, so the spectator names ANY card and it is spelled to, and on the last letter the selection is found