Seabrooke, Terry: Beyond Compere-A Pocket Guide To Being An Emcee
©1993 Richard Kaufman, published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Hardcover, 160 pages
Beyond Compere
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Comments (Stewart Tame): I debated whether or not to include this in the Magic Reference Pages or not. I finally decided to include it because 1) it's published by Kaufman and Greenberg after all, and 2) Terry Seabrooke is one of the funniest comedy magicians in the business. Further, he's an excellent emcee. If he's introducing the acts for the convention's big show, you can rest assured that the night is in good hands. No magic in this book, but it's very useful nonetheless. Photographs by Bill Taylor and Keith Seabrooke.


9 Introduction (Richard Kaufman)
12 Foreword (Paul Daniels)

15 The First Bit - A Taste of the Real Thing
17 Seabrooke Emcees A Show: A transcript from a night at The Magic Castle

29 The Second Bit - Terry Explains All
30 Preface
33 Why Be An Emcee?
37 What Is the Job All About?: among other things, Terry mentions that one of his idols as far as emcee/host roles go is Bob Barker
42 Before the Show
55 The Opening
59 The Show
66 The Closing
71 Emergencies
77 Introductions
86 Compere Madness (Simon Lovell): 242 Acts in Six Days: A Case of Compere Madness
96 Suitable Tricks: No routines given, just general suggestions

101 The Third Bit: Q And A And the Rest of the Alphabet
102 Seabrooke Questions Seabrooke: Questions and answers covering how much of a fee to ask for, costume changes: yea or nay, and other bits
115 The Editor Questions Seabrooke: More Q&A
143 The Emcee's Alphabet: 26 things to remember
149 The Lifesaver: Terry details some of the reasons why he likes Slydini's Balls of Paper Over the Head so much
154 Encore: Some last bits of advice
158 Backward (Billy McComb)