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Science And Mechanics: Magic Handbook
©1961 Science and Mechanics Publishing Co., IL
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 152 pages
Science and
              Mechanics Magic Handbook 1962
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Comments: a nice collection of close up magic you can build yourself.


Inside Cover Ad: Woodworker's Encyclopedia
1 Ad: The House of a Thousand Mysteries
2 Contents
3 Ad: Ireland Magic Co., Science and Mechanics publications
4 Contents
5 Ads: Kanter's Magic, Johnson Smith, Science and Mechanics
6 Ads: New '62 Cars magazine

7 About Magic
11 Famous Knife Box Illusion: box fits over head, knives are thrust in
15 Sliding Die Box (Victor D. Dressner): full plans
18 Wrist Chopper: two versions
20 Cake in a Hat: tube illusion in a borrowed hat
22 Record Lights Tube: which LP record has been rubbed?
23 Egyptian Torture Cabinet: a doll-sized illusion
26 Card Found in a Balloon (Victor D. Dressner): full platform apparatus
29 Crystal Casket: making your own, but this doesn't look easy to make
31 Mental Pack: and how to construct your own deck with glue
32 Glass Balanced on Card: gimmicked card
33 Appearing Card in a Frame: making a simple card frame
34 Magic Black-Art Table: plans
36 The Reappearing Ball: paper ball in-the-hand trick
37 Vanishing Glass of Water: using a black art table
38 Traveling Wand: with a shell
39 Cord-Arm Escape: quick stunt
39 Obedient Matchbox: box rises on hand
40 Vanishing Made Easy: tubes and glasses
42 Vanishing Glass of Milk: more tubes and glasses
44 Card Sharp: a simple card revelation
45 Evaporating Milk: with a special glass
46 The Floating Straw: science trick
46 What Brand?: of cigarettes
47 Small Silk to Full-Size Egg: gimmicked egg
49 Breakaway Vanishing Box: small animal vanish
53 Matchbox and Ribbon Mystery: ribbon penetrates match box
54 Thurston's Rising Card Trick: using IT, for the stage
56 An Alliance of Kings: Four Kings come back together in the deck
57 Close-up Rising Cards: with special deck
58 Handkerchief Production Cabinet: plans
60 Tug of War: betcha
61 Spirit Slate Trick: making your own slates
62 Spooky Card Trick: a trick for the slates
63 Nimble Thimble: thimble through handkerchief
63 Helping Galileo: science challenge
64 Cabalistic Cube: cube penetrates plate as it passes through cylinder
66 Cutting the Cards: telling the card selected by a butter knife
67 Baffling Blocks: a block and cylinder trick
69 Air Lifts a Glass: lifting a glass with a balloon
69 Tumbler Through the Table: newspaper over glass on table trick
69 A Fast Buck: a reflex test
70 Three Silk Tricks: Silk from Flame, Vanish from Paper Cone, and Candle to Handkerchief
72 Automatic Coin Dryer: removing a coin without getting wet
73 Candle from the Packet: lit!
74 A Light Matter: gag
75 Strange Riddle of Magnetic Milk: milk stays in inverted bottle
76 Dry Sand: sand in water comes out dry
76 Confetti from an Egg: crushed egg produces confetti
77 Flash Production Tube: produce silks from "empty" tube
79 Penetration of Solid Through Solid: objects penetrate handkerchief in a frame
81 Chemical Magic:
81 - Magicians' Flash Powder
81 - Smoke Mystery
82 - Magic Flag
82 - Magic Pitcher
83 - A Magic Wand
83 - Fire Writing
83 - The Floating Crystal Trick
84 Hot Money?: finding the coin marked by a spectator
84 Pocket Mind Reading: simple one of three card prediction
85 Tube and Ropes: tube climbs or falls on rope
87 Escapes-Special Form of Magic (Sidney H. Radner)
87 - Authority for Specialists
88 - Handcuffs Serve Two Purposes
89 - The Chain Escape
90 - Simple Handcuff Escapes
91 - The Straitjacket Escape
92 Escape from a Packing Box: stage illusion
93 Cord Through Wrist: bracelet appears on cord tied between wrists
94 Wrist Stock Escape: stage illusion
95 Matches Meet Their Match: one match penetrates another
96 3-Dimensianal Jigsaw Perplexture: how to construct a 3D puzzle
97 Ink into Water: ink in a glass changes to water
98 Card Stands on End: quickie
98 Where Does the Money Go?: not up the sleeve

99 21 Table-Top Tricks: quick tricks
99 Pop!-Goes the Pencil
99 Magnetic Personality?
100 What Makes It Float?
100 Quick-Change Checkers
100 Now You See It; Now You Don't
100 Ball Space Rider
100 No Strings on These Rings
101 Diving Eye Dropper
101 "Thin Air" Force
101 One or Two Balls
102 Human Egg Factory
102 Seeing with Your Hands
102 Pencil-in-the-Box
102 Flaming Fission
103 Name the Color
103 The Six Pile
103 Magnetic Paper
104 Juice Writing
104 Pull the Paper
104 Drink Up
104 Balanced Water

105 Flying Handkerchief: from glass to glass
106 Chew Two Strings into One
107 Making and Solving Puzzles: a variety of wooden puzzles to make
113 Chinese Rice Canisters: rice multiplies
115 Written in the Cards: simple card prediction
115 Rearranging Molecules: paper washer release from string
116 Confetti Becomes Candy: tube and glass mystery
118 Produce Beautiful Silks (Victor D. Dressner): with a production box
120 Vanishing Bowl of Water: stage apparatus

122 Sleight Of Hand Tricks
122 Perfect Balance: balance a glass of water on edge
122 Three Coins into Four: multiplying coin
122 Name the Coin: under a cup (with a confederate)
123 Reverse Shell Game: magician always finds the coin
123 Pick the Right Card: one way deck
123 Box Up Your Sleeve: Rattle box
123 Make Dimes Disappear: with handkerchief
123 A Floating Filter: cigarette filter changes ends
124 Flip a Coin: coin is turned but stays heads up
124 Carry Fire in Your Hands: from one candle to another
124 Disk Meets Coin: paper disk flies up to coin
124 Magnetic Fingertips: cards stick to fingers
125 Domino Numbers: guess the end of a dominoes game
125 Disappearing Match: from the hands
125 Water-Drinking Spirits: water vanishes from a glass
125 Match Tongs: match stunt
126 Coin from an Empty Box: matchbox
126 Cigarette Follows Lead: balanced match moves up and down
126 Disappearing Sugar: in a napkin ring
126 The Shell Game: a quickie
126 Shifting Dice: faces change in the hands
127 Stand Match on End
127 The Uncut Paper: inside an envelope
127 Orange Picking: pick the orange that was marked
127 Matches Obey Command: matches stay put in turned over box

128 Block, Frame, and Ribbon Trick: cylinder becomes free from ribbon & block
130 Cannon and Trunks: secrets of Goldin's mysteries revealed
132 Upside Down Mystery: a doll sized mystery
135 Thurston's Spirit Cabinet: how it works
137 Drop the Coin: betcha
138 Floating Piano: stage illusion revealed
140 Million Dollar Mystery: another stage illusione
143 How to Saw a Woman in Half: two methods
146 Magical Appliances: an explanation of terms like spring items, bottomless glass, etc.
149 How to Present Your Own Magic Show
149 - Sample Magic Act Without Assistant
150 - Second Sample Act With Assistant
151 - Your Setup
151 - Your Performance

152 Ad: Classified Market Place
Back Cover Ad: Hypnotic Aids